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renzo piano: le albere - urban development project

renzo piano: le albere - urban development project

first image
'le albere' - view of the residences overlooking the park by renzo piano, trento, italy

'le albere' is an urban expansion project of the ex-michelin area in trento designed by italian architect renzo piano,
who coordinates the work process through the renzo piano building workshop. situated on the adige river,
it is considered to be among north italy's most important developments, spanning approximately 11 hectares of land.
in total more than 300,000 cubic metres aim to create a new part of the city, using the most innovative eco-sustainable technologies.
apartments, offices, shops, cultural spaces, congress and social areas will characterize the functional mix of the area,
of which about 5 hectares will be dedicated to becoming a wide green park. 'le albere' will contain a combination of urban functions:
45% of the total construction area will be devoted to residential buildings (about 44,000 square metres), 30% to offices,
15% to public functions (the science museum - MUSE - and a multipurpose centre) and 10% to retail businesses.

the project contractor is colombo costruzioni SpA, leader of the trento futura scarl consortium.
they have entrusted zintek construction ltd. the role of general contractor for the construction of all mantles coverage.
developer is fondo clesio, closed-end real estate fund managed by castello SGR.

view of the courtyard

view of the central avenue

exterior view of the street with shops

aerial view

aerial view

the science museum as seen from the northeast palazzo delle albere

view of the exhibition areas

left: vista from the north lobby
right: lobby interior

elevation of the science museum

section of the eco-sustainable technologies integrated into the architecture

sketch by renzo piano

construction underway
image courtesy of info build

view of the solar panel clad roofing
image courtesy of info build

views of the residential and commercial areas

italian architect renzo piano on site

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