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gmp architekten: sports complex + urban re-design in lausanne

first image
'sports complex and urban re-design' by gmp architekten, lausanne, switzerland
south facade with opening towards the lake
all images © gmp

german firm gmp architekten has produced the competition winning proposal for a sports complex and urban re-design
of an area to the west of the city of lausanne, switzerland. the stadium's circular footprint contains all of the functions within
one location, accommodating 13,000 spectators for a UEFA football stadium as well as a swimming pool, boarding school
with special sporting facilities, municipal sports administration and parking for the district. an additional 10,000 square meters
of residential and commercial units will border the iconic structure.

the placement of the buildings upon the triangular lot along with the design intends to link the separate entities while opening towards
the nearby focal point, lake geneva. bound by arterial roads and a motorway, the reflective curved perimeter of the stadium appears to float above its
airy base from a distance. placed behind the diffused facade, daylight permeates the ground level spaces. open and green parks
surround the centerpiece, offering southern views to the water and panoramas of the alpine landscape. open to the public and
local residents, visitors may cross a landscaped bridge to enter the complex and view activities within the arena from the outside.

bird's eye view from the north

inside the stadium, the field is placed below an open roof, while the covered crescent section of the interior is reserved for
the aquatic center. solar thermal and voltaic panels harness renewable energy while skylights introduce natural illumination.

interior view of football arena


site plan

floor plan / level 0, football stadium and swimming complex

floor plan / upper level with boarding school

east-west section

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