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aedas + martha schwartz partners: chicago navy pier proposal

'pierescape' by aedas, chicago, illinois
all images courtesy navy pier vision

'pierescape' is one of the shortlisted proposals for the navy pier competition by davis brody bond of international firm ,
boston-based landscape architecture practice  in collaboration with chicago-based ,
  and . the masterplan introduces an expanded network of public landscapes
for the people of chicago, supporting the city's mantra that the lakefront is and will be 'forever open, free and clear'.

contributing to the centennial vision, the design maintains daniel burnham's original creations while unifying the public spaces
to increase interaction between the scattered existing buildings, intermediary spaces and urban context. once viewed as a tourist destination,
the landmark will be returned to everyday life with the gateway plaza, 'scoop' wetland park, south dock porch, smaller boat piers,
floating parks and pool zones.

aerial view of ferris wheel in pier park

four new boat docks with ticketing pavilions will host the entertainment and sightseeing lines. three zones of floating parks
upon an angled arrangement of ramps and pathways will contain an array of seasonal activities, including areas for performance,
play and quiet rest. areas for heated shelter will welcome visitors during the cold months. the undulating surfaces are ideal
for skateboarders in summer and snowboarding in winter weather.

pier park

pier park

floating park

floating park

eastern park

park during winter

arcade at night

gondola floating over the chicago river

aerial view of the pier from the lake

aerial view of pier


site plan

site plan

gateway plaza site plan

pier park site plan

floating park site plan

diagram of gateway plaza

diagram of floating park

diagram of east edge park

pier structure
1. lower floatation device
2. guide piles
3. upper floatation device
4. horizontal bracing and struts
5. reinforced concrete columns
6. galvanized steel frame
7. pinned connection joints
8. expansion joint

masterplan sketch

sectional sketch

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