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as above, so below for immersive surfaces at the 2011 DUMBO arts festival

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'as above -- so below' is a video mapping project created by artists,
, and  as the focal point of the exhibition ', part of this year's.
a group show, 'immersive surfaces' invited over 20 international artists and curators to produce projections that span the manhattan
bridge anchorage and archway (approximately 30,000 square feet or 2,700 square meters). the exhibition explores the idea
of 'crowd art' while pushing the boundaries of new cutting-edge video technology.

'immersive surfaces' as a whole puts at its focus the connection between individuals and the greater group,
displaying multiple types of projections in an investigation of the notion of projected depth and the meaning of surface.
the first part exhibits more traditional types of single-channel video art and presentation techniques which slowly progress
to take over the entire surface of the anchorage and archway. much like a virtual gallery, individual pieces are projected in
small units, connected by their common canvas. this collective projection then becomes animated, until 'as above, so below'
takes over the three-dimensional site. the video installation incorporates green screen film shoots, kinect 3D scanning,
stop-motion animation, computer modeling, and other visual effects in what the artists describe as 'an exploration
through the inner layers of our psyche, and an inquiry of our personal value systems'.

 'immersive surfaces' was organized by video curator, with sponorship by .

full video coverage of 'as above, so below'

trailer for the festival installation

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obscura digital: sheikh zayed grand mosque projections

'40th anniversary - united arab emirates national day celebration' projection mapping by obscura digital

san francisco-baseddeveloped the sheikh zayed grand mosque projections project, conducted for the
2011 united arab emirates national day. forty-four projectors with a combined brightness of 840,000 lumens
covered the 600 x 351 ft high surface area of the architectural landmark of abu dhabi. the three dimensional mapping
created an series of bright, stylized architectural projections that illuminate the façade, four minarets and twelve domes
of the mosque.

the show featured illuminated designs mirroring both historical imagery and the artistic styles found in the structure
and decoration of the mosque. projected depictions include palms, pentagonal geometry, gardens of paradise, the qibla wall,
the mehrab, architectural motifs, night skies and cycles of the moon, and humanity depicted with the earth.

video of the obscura digital light installation

the images incorporated into the installation echoed architectural motifs observed in the existing mosque

3D mapping enabled the artists to predetermine the architectural illumination

the flat walls with intricate carved detail told a moving story of the building and the UAE history

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