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BIG architects: cultural center in albania

'cultural center in albania' by BIG architects in tirana, albania
all images courtesy BIG architects

copenhagen-based practice has won 1st prize in the international design competition for a new
27,000 m2 cultural complex in tirana, albania. developed in collaboration with martha schwartz landscape,
buro happold, speirs & major, lutzenberger & lutzenberger, and global cultural asset management,
the project consists of a mosque, an islamic center, and a museum of religious harmony. the winning entry
was selected out of five finalists, including, spanish architect,
  from france and dutch.

rendered aerial view

located at the heart of the capital, which is currently undergoing a major urban renewal, the project is part
of a complete reconceptualization of scanderbeg square, an important cultural site in the city's fabric.
in addition, the design takes into account  albania's role as a crossroads of three major religions - orthodox
christianity, catholicism, and islam - and seeks to serve not just the muslim community of the area but
educate the public about islamic values.

street view

'this project is very significant for us for two reasons: firstly, it is a privilege to contribute to the ambitious
rejuvenation of tirana city - especially since it is happening not by the random accumulation of singular
monuments - but rather in accordance with a careful and considerate holistic master plan. secondly,
and perhaps most importantly - religious tolerance is one of our greatest challenges today - politically,
culturally and even urbanistically. with the construction of the new mosque of tirana, the islamic center
and the museum of religious harmony,  tirana will reestablish the equilibrium by adding a mosque to
the newly completed orthodox and catholic cathedrals, making tirana an example for the rest of the world
as a global capital of religious harmony', says bjarke ingels, founding partner of BIG.

view of public square

utilizing the two intersecting axes - the city's grid crossed with the orientation of mecca - the form of
the buidlings' are sculpted on the square while incorporating tirana's stret wall and eaves line.
the ground floor is rotated so that both the mosque and public plaza is facing the holy city of islam.
this arrangement opens up a series of plazas - two minor ones on the sides of the mosque and a major
plaza with a minaret in front - which spatially extends the place of worship into the city. by turning
the mosque inside out and bringing the program and qualities of is to a public arena, the religion becomes
inclusive and inviting - a part of tirana's urban energy.

outdoor prayer area

the layout of the courtyards and public space can accommodate up to10,000 people performing their prayers.
the facade of the buildings feature a multitude of rectangular windows which reference islamic mashrabiya
screens, and provide shading and privacy while maintaining a level of transparency. the light qualities of
the mosque will change throughout the day as the light washes over the curved surfaces.

interior view of mosque



night view

schematic diagram

(upper left) site
(upper right) tirana grid
(bottom left) mecca grid
(bottom right) mosque




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